Is Cloud-Based CMMS the Right Choice for Your Maintenance Team?

Like many maintenance managers, MPulse customer Brian needs to make the most of the resources he has. His small facilities management company doesn’t have a big IT team or an unlimited budget for software purchases.

Lucky for Brian, however, the CMMS software world has changed. Today, the higher speeds and bandwidth capacity of the modern Internet have opened the door to cloud computing technology for businesses of all sizes.

The impact is particularly significant for small organizations (like Brian’s) that are better able to compete—thanks to affordable applications with advanced features once only available to big companies with big budgets.

When Brian called me, he had a lot of questions about cloud-based CMMS software. His biggest question?

“Steve,” Brian asked. “How do I know if cloud-based maintenance software is the right choice?”

Cloud CMMS isn’t for everyone. Brian and I reviewed his company’s needs—and challenges—to see what would work best for his maintenance team. We found these advantages for cloud-based CMMS software…

  • IT and Hardware Costs
    Cloud-based CMMS software runs on external servers, so Brian doesn’t need IT support, which isn’t readily available. Software updates are automated without the need for Brian’s involvement. Plus, his company wouldn’t have to upgrade any hardware in the office. 
  • Mobilization
    Mobile technology is a natural fit for the maintenance industry, and cloud CMMS means maintainers can access data anytime and anywhere with Internet-enabled devices. Since Brian’s team is always on the go, he needs an “any device” user interface that works on laptops, smartphones, or tablets.
  • Lower Training Costs
    Brian is a big believer in training, but he also wants to maximize his budget. Improved web-based and app-based user interfaces that mimic popular personal-use applications can minimize the learning curve on hardware and software.
  • Scalability
    Brian sees a need for expanding his company’s use of CMMS software in the future. The scalability of cloud CMMS means the software can accommodate changes in size or volume as his needs change.
  • Data Security
    Brian isn’t an IT expert, and he doesn’t want to worry about hard drive failures or data-loss catastrophes. With a cloud-based CMMS system, his data is backed up and secured in a professionally managed environment.

Brian ended up choosing cloud-based CMMS software. What’s good for Brian might not be the right choice for you. If security policies, bandwidth limitations, or other issues preclude you from adopting cloud CMMS, I’d suggest implementing MPulse on your own network.

I’ve long believed CMMS software should fit the needs of modern maintenance operations. One option doesn’t fit all, which is why MPulse remains committed to giving our customers choices.

Is cloud-based CMMS software the right choice for your maintenance team? Leave a comment or contact me