Cloud CMMS vs. Local Install: Which is a Better Fit?

Is a cloud or local CMMS software installation the best fit for your organization? The answer will depend on your needs.

Cloud CMMS vs. Local CMMS

Cloud CMMS software (sometimes called web-based CMMS software) is hosted by the vendor and accessible via any device with an Internet connection.

Local installation (sometimes called on-premise or client-server software), however, requires your organization to host the software on its server and use its own network and hardware.

Five Questions to Answer

So, which one is right for you? Here’s five questions to answer.

  1. How much IT support do I have? Some organizations have extensive IT support options, but many do not. If you have an internal IT department, work with them to find the right option for your network. If you don’t, cloud CMMS software runs on external servers, so you don’t need IT support. Cloud CMMS also automates software updates, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  2. Do my users need to access the software via mobile devices? Mobile technology is a natural fit for the maintenance industry. Cloud CMMS enables maintainers to access data anytime and anywhere with Internet-enabled devices. However, whichever you choose, make sure it has an “any device” user interface that works on laptops, smartphones, or tablets.
  3. What’s the plan for data security and back-up? Your organization may already have a data security and back-up plan if you have an internal IT department with those skills. If you don’t, however, data is backed up and secured in a professionally managed environment with cloud CMMS. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hard drive failures or data-loss catastrophes.
  4. How quickly will my needs change? The scalability of cloud CMMS means the software can accommodate changes in size or volume as your needs change. However, ask questions about scalability if you think a local install is right for you.
  5. What’s my budget? Every organization wants to maximize the budget. Web-based CMMS usually doesn’t require upgraded hardware in the office. Also, improved web-based and app-based user interfaces that mimic popular personal-use applications can minimize the learning curve on hardware and software, which reduces the cost of training.


One option doesn’t fit all, so MPulse remains committed to giving our customers choices. Identify your organization’s needs to find what would work best for your maintenance team.

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