Back to CMMS Basics, Part 12: What if I Need Support after the Software is Up and Running?


Maintenance professionals get the call when things go wrong. So, they know the importance of getting the right person on the phone at the right time.

It’s the same for CMMS software support.

If you’ve ever worked with outdated software, you understand the dread when there’s a glitch and you don’t have access to technical and usability support. You usually end up paying for updates and services as you go. It’s inefficient—and expensive.

As we continue this series, we’ll show you a better way.

Software Maintenance Support

CMMS software needs its own preventive maintenance to keep it functioning properly—just like any asset. Service updates, software maintenance, and support programs help.

Software maintenance support varies by vendor, so ask questions during your initial research. Not all software support is equal.

While we can’t claim to know how other vendors’ support programs work, we can share our program so you understand why it’s so important.

Maintenance and Support Program

A subscription to the MPulse Maintenance and Support Program (MSP) partners you with our professional support team. Plus, it gives you the latest tools, free training, and software updates to keep your software optimized, and your organization on track to reach its CMMS goals.

MSP program subscribers have access to a host of important features:

  • In-house MPulse employees provide technical and training support via toll free phone number and email
  • Exclusive access to new software versions as they’re released
  • Hosting provided via our Application Hosting Service
  • Online training through the MPulse Support Portal, including educational videos and informative articles
  • One seat per year at the MPulse Training Center at our corporate office in Eugene, Oregon
  • Better pricing on major software upgrades and modification options
  • Exclusive invitations to monthly webinars on MPulse usage and maintenance best practices
  • Special sale offers for MPulse products and services
  • Advance email notification of new product introductions
  • Timely, automated maintenance updates

Superior Support = Preventive Maintenance

Software maintenance programs are the preventive maintenance for your CMMS software. The MPulse MSP offers extensive advantages over a fee-per-service model.

  • Peace of mind—our goal is your success with our product
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Instant access to industry expertise
  • Knowledge of current maintenance software developments
  • Trained and prepared users

We’ve come a long way in a short time. Next time we’ll wrap up this series with thoughts about what to do when your needs change.

Have questions? We’re here. Contact us.

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