How to Implement CMMS Software Right… the First Time

Implementing CMMS software can feel overwhelming. But not as overwhelming as doing it a second time because something went wrong.

MPulse customer James knows this problem well. Back in 2001, his organization installed its first CMMS software program (not MPulse).

It took two weeks just to get the software installed. Users found it confusing to use and getting data out of it required complicated scripts not provided by the vendor. James ended up hiring a computer database consultant who charged $150/hour to get the system set up correctly. And it took three months.

But James learned from his mistakes.

Flash forward more than a decade later, and James replaced that system with a cloud-based version of MPulse Silver. He invested in implementation services and on-site training. He was able to get up and running with no outside IT help.

What did James do differently?

  1. He worked closely with his stakeholders, including members of the production, planning, purchasing, operations, and IT departments. They shared their perspectives on which business processes needed improvement, then jointly decide on objectives to fix them.
  2. He budgeted realistically. James knew CMMS customization and integration with existing software were two big expenses. Implementation and ongoing maintenance have real costs as well. He factored all these expenses in early on.
  3. He made sure his maintenance data was accurate. The underlying maintenance data is the backbone of a computerized maintenance management system. James put all his available data in a unified database, scrubbed it, and made it available to the entire organization before implementation.
  4. He trained his employees. It may sound obvious, but it’s important to remember that employees have to use the solution in order for it to work. James clearly communicated how it will help his team succeed, and he started the CMMS training early on. This way he could chip away faster at the 18 to 24 months it typically takes employees to adopt new business processes.

James was up and running with his new MPulse software in a fraction of the time. The time and effort he put in early on helped him achieve CMMS success, and his organization is now reaping the rewards.

Want to make sure your CMMS implementation is right the first time? Contact us. We can help.