Free Starter Kit Makes It Easy to Build Your MPulse Implementation Plan

A solid implementation is the key to CMMS success. So, we’ve launched our new MPulse Starter Kit support page as an easy-to-use, step-by-step process, so you’ll have the skills and strategies to build your own implementation plan.

Best of all, the MPulse Starter Kit is available to our current customers via our online Support Portal—so you can create your implementation plan anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Major system implementations can feel daunting. Culled from our vast library of knowledgebase articles, videos, and training resources, the new MPulse Starter Kit breaks the job down into manageable chunks. Each step is in a recommended order, but you can complete each phase in any order or all at once.

Critical Steps to CMMS Success

When you’re ready to implement new CMMS software, it’s hard to know where to start or what questions to be asking. The MPulse Starter Kit is designed to solve this problem by providing you with best practices for a software implementation.

The MPulse Starter Kit includes direct links to all the resources, training, and documents you need to be successful. These steps include…

  1. Goal setting
  2. Creating user accounts
  3. Preparing and importing data
  4. Scheduling training and implementation
  5. Establishing workflows
  6. Constructing reports
  7. Finding support resources

Our goal with all our implementation services is to help you get your CMMS software set up correctly to reduce your ramp-up time, as well as minimize disruption and achieve a faster return on investment.

Other Online MPulse Support Services

The Starter Kit is a new self-help resource in our online MPulse Support Portal. It’s just one of many free resources we offer our customers, including…

  • Let’s Learn Videos
  • MPulse Basic Training Webinar
  • Tips & Tricks Webinar Series

It takes a lot more than installing software to get your CMMS software up and running. The best way to make your CMMS software a success is investing in the right resources to meet your goals.

Give your organization the best chance to make the most from maintenance software. Contact us to learn more about the MPulse Starter Kit or MPulse’s other implementation services—and see how we can make your maintenance team the most productive they’ve ever been.