Seven Tips to Make Your CMMS Software Migration a Success, Part 3: Import, Test, and Train


In the first and second posts of this series, I’ve outlined the first five steps on CMMS software migration. Congratulations! The biggest challenges are usually behind you at this point.

But you aren’t done yet.

It’s time to finish your CMMS software migration.

Step 6: Import and Test

Once your data is complete and clean, your CMMS software vendor will import it into your software. After that process is finished, it’s time to run some tests to make sure the right data is in the right place before “go live” day.

Typically, we suggest assigning testing to your super users, because they are more likely to see problems. Often your super users have been a part of the process since the beginning, so they’ll also know what to expect.

We recommend testing to ensure…

  • All field names are correct
  • The correct data is in the correct fields
  • Assets lists are complete
  • Parts and inventory lists are complete
  • Scheduled tasks have transferred correctly
  • Key historical data is available

Here again, your vendor can help. Identify problems, and get them worked out now, before you go live with your new CMMS software.

Step 7: Train, Train, Train

You’re almost done! Your new CMMS software is up and running. Now it’s time to train the people who will use it.

Professional training services can markedly accelerate your success. After 20 years and thousands of customers, I’ve seen one consistent factor among the most productive CMMS users. The secret is simple—the successful ones invest in high-quality training.

Don’t skimp on this step. Let’s not forget the old adage—garbage in, garbage out.  With a new system coming online you will want to ensure that the data you are mining is the most accurate it can be.

Teaching your staff members to use your new CMMS software pays off with every work order. Data accuracy and speed will improve, which means your CMMS software will doing what it should be. And your job will be easier because of it

You Did It!

Congratulations! You made it. Now you have your new CMMS software set up correctly to work with your business processes, and you have well-trained people who know how to use it.

Don’t underestimate the challenges in a CMMS software migration. MPulse can help. Make the most of our experience and knowledgeable staff. We’re not just a software vendor. We’re your partner in CMMS success.

Have questions? Call us. We’re here for you.