What Every Maintenance Manager Needs to Know about CMMS Implementation Services

Maintenance managers know it’s critical to have the right tools—and the right skills—for the job. The same is true when the job is implementing your CMMS software.

That’s what Nick told me. As the maintenance director for a large, multi-site corporation, Nick knows his maintenance strategy is only as good as his people and the tools they use.

“I don’t send my plumbing guy with a pipe wrench when I need to replace a circuit breaker,” he joked.

Nick isn’t new to CMMS software. But when it was time to upgrade recently, he wanted his team to focus on their jobs, not configuring software.

So, Nick decided to let the MPulse experts do what they do best—set up his CMMS software exactly how his team needed it.

Which means his techs could do what they do best—maintenance.

Smooth Transition, Strong Foundation

MPulse has different levels of CMMS software implementation, and each customer’s needs are unique. Nick went for turn-key implementation, so our MPulse team helped him with everything from planning, data migration, and installation to training and “go-live” day.

“It made financial and operational sense,” Nick explained. “Our CMMS software was set up correctly from the beginning, which reduced frustration during the transition. We also had the support we needed if we ran into any problems.”

I’ve shared my perspective before about the value of CMMS software training and implementation services. It’s something that, honestly, you can’t afford to not do.

Nick agrees.

“It was more than just setting up software,” he said. “MPulse helped us set up measurable goals and create reports to track our progress. Now I know at a glance where we’re meeting expectations and what we need to focus on.”

Compounding Benefits

While reducing disruptions during the upgrade was a major advantage, there’s another one. The value of Nick’s investment grows every day.

Nick describes it as “compounding benefits,” like compounding interest.

“We started strong by investing in CMMS implementation, and we add to the value of our CMMS data with every work order,” he said. “Now our crew has a solid foundation that we’re still building on today, just like interest earned in a bank account.”

CMMS software is a tool. And just like a wrench or a hammer, it only works when the right person is using it for the right job.

Give your organization the best chance to make the most from maintenance software. Explore MPulse’s implementation services and see how we can make your maintenance team the most productive they’ve ever been.