Garrett Green Escalates MPulse Customers to the Top of the List

Support calls run the gamut at MPulse—from simple “how to” questions to tricker issues that require technical expertise. On the more complicated end of the spectrum, MPulse customers rely on Garrett Green, our MPulse Director of Infrastructure.

Long-time customers will likely recognize Garrett from his 11 years on the MPulse Support Team. Over time, he’s continuously taken on more responsibility, becoming one of the foremost experts on all things MPulse. Today, it’s likely customers have benefited from Garrett’s technical knowledge, even if they haven’t spoken to him directly.

“We always want to make sure that we’re providing the best experience we can to our customers,” he explained. “I’m a resource when a customer needs escalation on something that requires highly technical or specialized knowledge. They’re talking to me because of my depth of knowledge in the technologies that power MPulse.”

From Intern to Director of Infrastructure

Garrett joined MPulse as an intern when he returned to college to expand his technical knowledge. He was first interviewed by MPulse founder Steve Brous and the current MPulse president Randall Brous during the Great Recession. Even though MPulse didn’t have an open position at the time, Steve saw what Garrett could offer the company.

“Steve joked, ‘hey, if you ever want to be an intern, let us know.’ Later, I reached out again with a proposal to do just that, because my school offered credit for internships. Steve said, ‘Why would you want to be an intern?’ I said, ‘Because at the end of my internship, you’re going to recognize that you can’t afford to lose me.”

Prophetically, Garrett started as a support engineer after his internship, using his technical knowledge to help customers get the most out of MPulse. As the company grew, his position evolved too. Today Garrett’s duties include verifying the technical tools used by MPulse employees are working correctly; ensuring the MPulse hosting service is providing customers with the best experience; and providing assistance to MPulse support personnel so customers get the best experience and fastest resolution possible.

Finding the Last Puzzle Piece

But even after all these years, Garrett’s favorite part of his job remains problem solving technical issues.

“I enjoy working on a difficult issue from a customer or a new challenge with our infrastructure that I’ve never seen before. When you finally find that last puzzle piece and it’s been solved, it feels good. I feel like I’ve gained knowledge that I can pass on to other people too.”

Garrett has had a front row seat in the evolution of MPulse, watching the company grow from a small family company to an industry leader. But one thing he feels hasn’t changed is the pride and dedication of MPulse employees in their work.

“We all want to ensure our customers have the best experience with us as a company and with our software,” he said. “Our goal is to make a positive impact on our customers.”

Sharing a Love of Technology

Garrett’s love of technology extends to his personal life, and he recently built an entire server environment for his home. His other hobbies include gaming and custom building computers. During the pandemic, he also rediscovered his love of golf.

He shares his home with one of our more famous MPulse officemates, his corgi Ein (named after one of the main protagonists of the Cowboy Bebop anime series). He and his partner also have a pit-boxer mix and two guinea pigs, called Andy and Ollie after the Pesto Twins in Bob’s Burgers.

And Garrett is sharing his love of technology with the younger generation as well. He recently achieved “Coolest Uncle Ever” status after building his eight-year-old nephew a new gaming computer.

“He’s really gotten into gaming, and we’ll play Minecraft and Satisfactory together,” he said. “That’s a fun way we’ve been able to connect.”