MPulse Customers Have Kevin Horner in Their Corner

MPulse wants every customer to have a successful maintenance management program. To help accomplish that goal, MPulse’s Kevin Horner, customer advocate and our MPloyee of the Quarter, visits our customers, listens to their experiences and issues, and then directs them to the product, training, support, and implementation resources they need.

Kevin helps MPulse build strong customer relationships that last long after the initial software purchase. “Developing these relationships is crucial,” he explained. “My goal is to create a collaborative environment focused on customer success.”

Real-World Experience and CMMS Knowledge

MPulse’s customer advocate position is unusual in software development, and Kevin has made it his own.

He’s spent over 30 years serving maintenance and industrial professionals across a wide range of industries—and most of that time was in the field. Kevin has combined that real-world experience with a deep knowledge of MPulse to help existing customers get the most out of MPulse Maintenance Software.

“No other maintenance software company focuses as deeply on the customer experience,” Kevin said. “My favorite part is seeing the customer sites, so I can understand what they do. My job to observe and understand the unique needs and challenges of each of my customers. That helps me make the right recommendations to help them improve and optimize their use of MPulse.”

Kevin’s on the road at least one week out of four, traveling wherever MPulse customers are located. In a typical week, he’ll visit about 10 customers, learning more about what they do.

“My previous experience means I understand the safety procedures and demands of manufacturing and facility management,” Kevin explained. “I can take that expertise and show our customers how to use MPulse software to solve their real-world issues. I’m also the voice of the customer, and I share their feedback and recommendations with the team to help us develop new products and deliver on our promises.”

MPulse’s “Secret Weapon”

Kevin came to MPulse about four years ago after meeting Jason Johnson, MPulse president, at the gym. As their acquaintance developed over time, Jason convinced Kevin to bring his skills to MPulse.

“Kevin is our ‘secret weapon’ when we have the occasional unhappy customer,” Jason said. “Nobody doesn’t like him. He’s the friendliest person I know. Combine that with his willingness to tackle big challenges and his drive for excellence, and he was an easy pick for this quarter’s standout employee.”

When he’s not working hard for our customers, Kevin is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt, fish, hike, and explore the world with family and friends. He volunteers with Rivers of Recovery, a nonprofit organization serving combat veterans by introducing them to fly fishing as recreational therapy, and participates in leadership development activities at the University of Oregon. He and his wife Claudia enjoy spending time with their three grown children and their families.

MPulse’s MPloyee of the Quarter honors our employees who are making a positive impact in the company by inspiring others and building engaging, long-lasting relationships with our customers.