OSHA Record-Keeping to Avoid Costly Fines and Penalties


I just received an email forwarded to me from Jeff Miller, our Eastern sales representative.

The email was pitching an OSHA Compliance webinar sponsored by Career Track. The email subject line is the title of this blog post, “OSHA Record-Keeping to Avoid Costly Fines and Penalties.” The body of the email indicated there is a renewed emphasis on monitoring and enforcement activities by OSHA. The thesis of the piece was that by properly maintaining records and producing sound documentation you can avoid costly fines and penalties.

Further, the email text stated that “the U.S. government is taking OSHA violations more seriously than ever: 130 new OSHA inspectors have been added in 2010, the number of inspections has increased 10% and both citations and penalties have increased dramatically. More specifically, record-keeping practices are bearing the brunt of many meticulous reviews. During a 12-month span ending in October 2009, OSHA inspections resulted in more than 114,000 citations for violations and fines in excess of $138 million. Of those, nearly 3,000 citations were issued specifically for non-compliance with record-keeping regulations.”

Using your EAM/CMMS to log employee incidents properly and to maintain records in accordance with OSHA’s current standards allows you to present the solid documentation that OSHA demands. And you thought an EAM/CMMS was merely for scheduling PMs and tracking the cost of maintenance. This is a great example of how an EAM/CMMS, when properly implemented, can pay back in ways you didn’t imagine in the beginning.

If you want more information about OSHA you might want to check out a Career Track Webinar on the topic.