Summer Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System


So many of our customers use MPulse Software, Inc to maintain HVAC systems, we thought we’d share this handy infographic about coil cleaning.

Perhaps no other asset affects your operations more than an HVAC system—whether you maintain assets in a factory, an office building, or any other type of facility. HVAC systems are key to the productivity of any organization because they regulate temperatures and maintain air quality for comfort, safety, and healthy working environments.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

But HVAC maintenance also helps extend the asset’s life cycle. Ignoring HVAC system maintenance means you’ll end up purchasing a new one sooner rather than later. Typically, an HVAC system usually has a lifespan of 15‒20 years, but if it’s not cared for properly, it could fail sooner.

And when the HVAC goes down in the hot summer months, everyone is on the phone asking the maintenance crew when it will be fixed.

CMMS Software for HVAC Maintenance

CMMS software to the rescue!

With these tips on coil cleaning and preventive maintenance schedules in your CMMS software, you’ll be able to prevent breakdowns—and the hassles that come with them.

Plus, scheduling regular maintenance ensures your HVAC systems are working at their best, reducing energy costs and air quality problems. And if you can prolong the life of your HVAC system—well, that’s sure to make your boss happy.

Thanks to BP Group for sharing this infographic with us.

Do you have questions about how CMMS software can help you with HVAC maintenance? Leave a message or contact us.

HVAC Coil Cleaning Infographic