Angela Guiley Helps Potential Customers Discover the Value of MPulse

The first interaction potential customers have with MPulse will most likely come from our sales development team. This group of hard-working individuals makes sure we’re putting our best foot forward from the beginning. They handle inbound calls, contacting potential customers, answering initial questions, and booking demos.

Our MPloyee of the Quarter, Angela Guiley, tackles this job with gusto, making an extra effort to provide potential customers with the resources they need to learn more about MPulse.

Angela spends her day contacting people via email and phone calls to learn more about their maintenance management needs. It’s a task that requires a lot of persistence, particularly because maintenance professionals are usually busy people with limited time.

“A lot of our customers are on the plant floor,” she explained. “So, it’s noisy or they don’t pick up the phone if they don’t recognize the number,”

Challenge = Fun

But the challenge also is part of the fun. The MPulse sales development team is a close-knit group, and they aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition to keep things interesting.

“I’m extremely competitive, so if someone has trouble getting ahold of a potential new customer, I love proving them wrong,” she laughed.

Angela joined MPulse in 2018 after working out of her home for another company. Her previous experience in technology and customer service made the position a good fit. Plus, she was attracted by the bonus of working with a supportive team like our sales development group.

An Oregon native who married her high school sweetheart, Angela spent five years in Arizona before returning to the Pacific Northwest. Now Angela and her family enjoy exploring regional events and participating in the many outdoor activities that Oregon offers. With two young boys who always on the go, the family’s weekends also include camping, sightseeing, hiking, and other activities.

But it’s MPulse’s focus on this work-life balance that Angela really appreciates.

“It’s really like a family here at MPulse,” she said. “They give back to our community, including giving all employees three comp days a year for community service. It’s just a good company.”

MPulse’s MPloyee of the Quarter honors our employees who are making a positive impact in the company by inspiring others and building engaging, long-lasting relationships with our customers.