MPulse’s Ben Wilberding Supports Our Customers When They Need It Most


MPulse customers know when they need help or have a question, the answer is just a phone call away. Ben Wilberding, MPulse support services engineer and our MPloyee of the Quarter, is one of the folks on the other end of that line, helping our customers when they need it most.

After joining MPulse in September 2016, Ben quickly distinguished himself among our tight-knit support service team, says Randall Brous, MPulse CTO.

Exceptional Case Killer

“Ben is an exceptional ‘case killer,’ and he always goes the extra mile,” Randall explains, referring to MPulse’s internal name for customer issues and questions. “He also really cares about his coworkers and supports them as well.”

Ben and his support service coworkers never know what’s on the other end of the phone line. Those cases can be as simple as helping a customer change a password, as intricate as a complete software installation, and everything in between. Depending on the complexity, Ben typically completes 5 to 15 cases per day.

Passion for Solving Customer Issues

Ben’s reputation as a case killer stems from his passion for solving customer issues. “My favorite thing about this job is the satisfaction of helping people when they need it most,” Ben explains. “You can make someone’s day by doing something really simple.”

MPulse customers may be experienced IT people, or completely unfamiliar with all but the basics of computer technology.

“Anytime I can work with frustrated customer and I’m able to help, that’s a big win,” Ben explains. “Sometimes they think something is broken and can’t be fixed, and they are scared. I can help take someone’s negative outlook on a situation and turn it around.”

Ben came to Oregon from Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife of 5 years, Janet, to work in software support. His position at MPulse uses those skills, as well as his background in information technology.

Ben and Janet soon established roots here, along with other members of Ben’s extended family. They have two daughters, Hayden and Aerith.

When he’s not killing cases at MPulse, Ben likes to hike and explore; watch his kids experience new things; play video games, guitars, and computers; and spend time with his family.

MPulse’s MPloyee of the Quarter honors our employees who are making a positive impact in the company by inspiring others and building engaging, long-lasting relationships with our customers.