How to Use Barcode Scanning In Manufacturing

Barcodes aren’t new in the manufacturing industry. However, their ease of use remains one of the strongest benefits, even with more recent technological developments.

Manufacturers rely on barcodes now more than ever, because…

  • Technology is cheaper
  • Barcode label printing is widely available
  • 2D barcodes (like QR codes) can store and track even more data
  • Data is easily synced with software, including CMMS
  • Scanners can easily transmit data wirelessly. 

Let’s discuss how MPulse customers use barcodes in their manufacturing facilities.

Barcode Systems for Manufacturing

Sometimes organizations are surprised at how a barcode reader can fit easily with their workflows. Some of the most common include…

  • Monitor products on the production line from assembly to quality control
  • Track employee time spent on a job or doing a specific task
  • Check-in/check-out for tools, keys, and vehicles
  • Document tasks completed, items produced, or other needs
  • Provide location information for assets, inventory, tools, etc.
  • Respond to recalls
  • Track distribution and shipping for the entire supply chain
  • Manage and control inventory and parts.

Benefits of Barcode Systems

These five benefits also show the appeal of barcode scanning for manufacturing and maintenance…

  1. Easy to use. The software can print barcodes that are easily read by commonly available devices—including smartphones, tablets, and barcode scanners. You also can attach them to just about any surface. As a result, your team simply scans a barcode to record or find data in your software.
  2. Variety of uses. You can use barcodes for any type of data collection. For example, one of the most frequent is inventory or stock management. But your team also can use barcodes for outgoing shipments, repair times, equipment, and much more.
  3. Easy to implement. You need a printer, software, and a scanner. Then, it takes just minutes to train employees how to use them. Additionally, barcode scanners easily transmit data wirelessly, so it’s ready immediately.
  4. Eliminates human error. Barcodes significantly reduce human error by removing data input mistakes. Additionally, you’ll have the accurate information you need to make the right decisions.
  5. Saves time. Scanning a barcode takes seconds. As a result, your employees can do their jobs faster because both the data gathering, and information processing is automated.
  6. Works with mobile devices. Mobile device barcode scanning capability enables your personnel to use a smartphone, tablet, or barcode scanner to input data into any field. That also saves time when your technicians are on the plant floor or in the field.

Barcodes enable manufacturers to run more quickly and smoothly. For more information on how barcodes can help your organization, contact us. We’re here to help.