CMMS for a Safer Workplace

Promoting Safety

CMMS encourages safety from the start by integrating all compliance codes and maintenance manuals to on-site equipment records, immediately establishing accountability.

The technology’s inherent PM functionality helps ensure equipment integrity and reduce the frequency and severity of potentially dangerous malfunctions.

CMMS allows for the creation and tracking of specialized safety drills, significantly improving risk mitigation outcomes should unfortunate incidents occur.

Automated alerts can remind workers to conduct their daily diligence (i.e., lockout-tagout and machine guarding).

Confirming Best Practices

Inconsistent record-keeping procedures continue to be a notable portion of OSHA citations and fines.

The only way to prepare for the prospect of random inspections is with a proactive safety initiative supported by consistent documentation.

CMMS software lets managers drill all the way down to individual employee safety records to track progress and resolve potential risks before outside auditors do.