Public Schools: Vancouver School District Maximizes Asset Lifecycles

Vancouver School District (VSD) encompasses about 43 buildings, with more than 22,00 students, 4,300 staff members, and approximately 1,100 teachers. Their maintenance team is made up of 46 people.

VSD has worked with MPulse since 2002, using it in two areas: transportation (managing their bus fleet) and facilities management (buildings and grounds maintenance).

Business Challenges

Fleet maintenance problems ran the gamut from minor issues, like a blown light or a tear in seat upholstery, to major ones like a broken window or engine failure.

Prior to the adoption of MPulse Maintenance Software, there was no system for determining workloads and response times, or for scheduling preventive maintenance.

The biggest challenge was dependably providing maintenance and repair services at a consistently high level of quality.


VSD implemented MPulse Gold Edition with…

  • MPulse MobileWorks mobile application
  • Inventory Clerk with Barcode Scanning
  • Request Approval Routing Manager
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Asset Status Board

VSD uses MPulse Software to schedule preventive maintenance, plan large projects, and to track maintenance and repair expenditures.

VSD has used MPulse Software for over 10 years to improve response times and increase maintenance team efficiency.

MPulse provided custom integration with Zonar Systems Electronic Fleet Management Software


  • Maximized lifecycles of assets
  • Increased maintenance efficiency
  • Saved maintenance labor hours
  • More effectively monitored workloads
  • Generated overall cost savings
  • Eliminated duplication of effort

“We are increasing asset lifecycles by upwards of 15% as a result of using MPulse.”

“We can see all the issues with the vehicle and correct those issues in one trip versus bringing it in 2, 3, or 4 times to have it repaired.”