MPulse Training Center Datasheet

MPulse’s Eugene, OR-based training center provides hands-on instruction primarily designed to help new users of our software get quickly up to speed. This 3-day course, with optional 4th-day practical application workshop, provides basic instruction on skills necessary to successfully navigate, configure, and use your MPulse implementation.

While our primary audience is new MPulse customers, it’s also great for refresher training and for users new to your organization. Many companies use it to support their train-the-trainer programs.

Send your “MPulse champion” to us, and we’ll send them back ready to train the rest of your team.

Key Benefits

  • Live classroom environment
  • Focused instruction away from day-to-day operational demands
  • Highly interactive
  • Real-world scenario discussions
  • Small class size
  • Great value

Classes cover MPulse Gold, Silver, and Bronze editions, and can be attended by as many of your personnel as you deem necessary. Our Oregon location is easy to access from anywhere in the world.

Training Center Facilities

The MPulse Training Center is located in the MPulse Global Headquarters building at 555 Conger Street in Eugene, OR. Eugene is served by Mahlon Sweet Airport (EUG), which supports Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Allegiant Air and United Airlines.

Class Confirmation and Travel Arrangements

All students are advised not to make final travel arrangements until after receipt of their Training Center confirmation email. MPulse is not liable for travel-related expenses of any kind, including change fees.

Training Center Course Descriptions

MPulse Core Training: Day 1-3 (8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Target Audience: Maintenance staff responsible for configuring and managing CMMS and/or daily work order administration.

Description: This course focuses on the core functionality of MPulse and its application to data and maintenance management concepts.

Instructional Content:

  • MPulse System Specifics – logging in, licensing, and support resources

  • Managing Maintenance Data – the importance of clean, complete data

  • System and Record Navigation – finding, building, modifying and linking records; editing dropdown lists, changing labels, and setting user access.

  • List view and layout management

  • Searching, sorting, filtering, exporting, or printing

  • Creating, editing, saving, and applying layouts

  • Maintenance Advisor – overview, creating displays to help manage work, Information Manager, and graphic reports

  • Work Order Management – components of a work order: maintenance tasks, capital assets, human resources (employee and vendors), parts; maintenance requests; scheduled maintenance; work order administration; distribution; completion and closing

  • Keys & Locks – using MPulse to track keys and locks

  • Advanced Inventory – managing multiple stockrooms with min/max levels, tracking multiple units of purchase, stock and usage, how to view re-order list by stockroom, inventory tracking by last price paid, average price or weighted average

  • Purchase Requisition System – linking purchase orders and work orders, automatic requisition creation, cost center budget tracking

  • Management Tools – managing system-wide defaults, customizations, user access, and security; company and group setup

MPulse Workshop (optional) Day 4 (8.30 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Pre-requisite: MPulse Core Training or previous MPulse training. You must have access to your company’s working instance of MPulse.

Target Audience: Staff responsible for MPulse implementation setup.

Description: Work with MPulse engineers and instructors to review maintenance management best practices and then apply these practices to your MPulse implementation to meet your organization’s CMMS goals. Group and individual collaboration will assist in defining your unique global fields, drop down lists, and customizations to increase ease of use, organizational integration, data integrity, and reporting accuracy.

Training Center Cancellation Policy

MPulse Class Cancellation

MPulse strives to hold classes as scheduled, but we are occasionally forced to cancel classes for reasons beyond our control. MPulse reserves the right to cancel a class when these things occur. We make every reasonable effort to notify registered individuals as soon as a class has been cancelled. Class cancellation notices are emailed directly to all registered students and the students’ managers, if possible. In most cases, we will also attempt to contact each student directly by phone.

Student Cancellation / Rescheduling

Students who desire to cancel or reschedule their training must do so no later than 10 business days prior to the training’s scheduled start date. Student’s who fail to do so will be billed for the full amount for the scheduled training class. Such students will have the option to attend a later training center session, on a space-available basis, at no additional charge.