Why Scalability Is So Important in CMMS Software

Adapting to change is the mantra of a modern maintenance operation. But sometimes it’s hard to see the changes coming.

Such was the case for Scott, a maintenance manager with a relatively small company, where he supervises 10 technicians. His company bought a new business, and they planned to expand their operations—and their maintenance team.

“I had no idea this was coming,” Scott told me. “But now I’ll have more than double the maintenance staff. It feels a little overwhelming.”

Your Maintenance Needs Change

When your organization grows, maintenance feels the impact. Suddenly you’ve got more equipment to maintain, additional production to support, new staff members to manage, extra inventory to store, and different safety procedures to perform.

Scott bought MPulse Software, Inc about three years ago, but what he needed then was very different from what he needs today. His company’s expansion means Scott needs to manage and track more in his same 8-hour shift. That’s makes his maintenance data even more important.

Scott and I reviewed his changing needs, and we came up with a plan to implement some CMMS software upgrades to enhance his ability to track and manage the sudden growth. He was pleased to discover how easy and cost effective it was to add on to his MPulse CMMS software without having to start from scratch.

How? Software scalability.

Your CMMS Software Needs Change Too

Scalability simply means Scott’s MPulse Software, Inc can accommodate changes in size or volume as his needs change. In addition to adding user licenses for new employees, Scott also added MPulse Role-Based Access Control so the right people have the right access to the right records.

And it doesn’t stop there. Scott knows his company has big plans for further expansions, and he believes down the road he’ll need more advanced features like Request Approval Routing Manager. Plus, he’s researching the benefits of MPulse Enterprise Management Suite to connect his MPulse databases when his company opens new locations.

“It’s a relief to know I’ve got great options with MPulse as our company’s growth continues,” he said.

Scalability Makes Sense

From a business standpoint, software scalability is cost effective because you can buy what you need when you need it. Things change. You can’t predict these changes, yet CMMS software scalability ensures you are prepared when they happen.

As a business owner, software scalability simply makes sense. It’s what I would want, and I believe our maintenance customers want it too. When your small company becomes a large enterprise, like Scott’s organization, MPulse Software, Inc is there to support your growth.

Learn more about how CMMS software scalability can help your organization. We’re just a phone call away.