How Tablets Can Improve Your Maintenance Team’s Productivity

In my last blog, I shared how mobile technology has improved my productivity—specifically how my smartphone has made it easier to work while I’m away from my desk. But another type of mobile technology also has made a huge impact on my work life—the tablet.

I’m not alone. Maintenance technicians have discovered the value of tablets for maintenance work, with more adopting this technology every day. A recent Software Advice study found 44 percent of those surveyed report using a tablet, versus 34 percent who use a smartphone. Another 21 percent use both.

Ease of Use

These findings parallel my own experience. I don’t go anywhere without my smartphone. But my tablet’s larger screen size is much easier on my eyes when I need to access documents or other detailed text. It’s also much easier for my fingers to work with buttons and drop-down menus on a tablet.

My tablet is encased in a sturdy, waterproof case to protect it when I’m in dirty environments or inclement weather. Improved WiFi access and cellular service means I can use our mobile maintenance software almost anywhere. Plus, security features safely control access to my data, even when I’m not in the office.

All my work is synced between my tablet, my smartphone, and the computer network at the office—thanks to cloud computing. Best of all, it took me no time at all to learn to use my tablet. Standardized application interfaces meant that I knew how it worked as soon as I picked it up.

All in One

The combination of mobile devices with mobile maintenance software makes a powerful tool to help you get the job done.  A tablet replaces a lot of equipment that maintenance managers used to need, including…

  • Video conference system
  • Desktop or laptop computer (for many functions)
  • GPS device
  • Camera
  • Pager
  • Video camera
  • And much more.

Mobile technology is a natural fit for maintainers. With smartphones and tablets, you can capture information on the spot—instead of jotting it down on paper to be input later. Mobile devices allow you to access critical information easily without calling back to the office or getting “plugged in.” The potential to improve your maintenance team’s productivity is huge.

Don’t get left behind. Have questions about mobile maintenance software? Need advice? Call us. We’re here to help.