Six Ways to Level Up Your CMMS Implementation

Once you’re up and running with MPulse’s basic features, it’s important to keep going to make the most of your CMMS investment.

Take these six CMMS implementation steps to level up and streamline your company’s maintenance operations with MPulse.

CMMS Implementation Guide

1. Automate Schedules

Work order management features in CMMS software can automate schedules for both employees and contract workers. This information also eliminates lost information between shifts, reducing confusion and errors.

2. Employee Records

MPulse Labor Resource Management can track all facets of your employee records: status, skill level, billing rate, contact information, and more. You can easily match employees or vendors to the assets they maintain, and assign tasks accordingly. 

3. Employee Performance

Employee performance tracking helps you determine which employees are most efficient at which tasks. As a result, managers can balance the workload. By tracking repair times, you also can create benchmarks for your organization.

4. Labor Costs

MPulse can help you accurately estimate labor hours for preventive maintenance (PM) tasks, making sure your staffing levels match the workload, and decreasing overtime costs. This type of labor cost analysis can determine when it’s more efficient to add more staff members, instead of pay more overtime.

5. Purchase Orders

CMMS software can determine your current inventory levels and automatically generate purchase orders based on need, reducing purchasing overhead. You also can track parts to stock based on availability. For example, if a part has a three-week lead time, you can adjust stocking levels to make sure it is available when your staff needs it.

6. Equipment Life Cycle and Replacement Forecasting

CMMS data helps organizations make effective replace-or-repair decisions. Maintenance software can track not only the age of the equipment, but the miles, hours, life-to-date repair dollars, and many other metrics—helping you decide when it becomes cheaper to replace an asset instead of repairing it.

Like most successful investments, CMMS software benefits compound over time. As your data becomes more comprehensive, your organization becomes more efficient and the return on investment climbs. 

Following our CMMS implementation process helps you to capture key data and turn it into reliable information to help make cost-effective choices about asset management. 

With our easy-to-use CMMS software, MPulse customers reduce maintenance expenses, minimize downtime, extend equipment life and boost productivity throughout their organizations.

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