Construction equipment CMMS software is an essential part of maintenance management.

Any construction company knows that staying on top of planned maintenance on critical assets is essential to competing effectively.

And some assets can make or break a project—because if the mobile crane is down, nothing else can take its place. So, that means expensive delays happen.

CMMS software helps maintenance teams prioritize maintenance work on construction equipment to minimize the chance of downtime, as well as also reduce costs.

Reduced Risk

Construction companies are constantly working to reduce risk in this competitive industry. Ignoring equipment maintenance puts construction companies at risk of…

  • More breakdowns because of inconsistent or nonexistent preventive maintenance scheduling processes
  • Miscommunication and missing information among team members and internal departments
  • Supply interruptions or delays for parts and inventory
  • Greater potential for losses from theft or vandalism
  • Lack of documentation for regulatory inspections and audits
  • Inability to foresee problems and find ways to prevent them
  • Lost opportunity to find cost savings and other financial benefits to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Increased chance of injuries or accidents for employees and customers (not to mention the related legal issues)

Construction Equipment CMMS Software Benefits

CMMS software offers construction companies a competitive edge by preventing problems before they happen. It also minimizes overtime for your employees, cutting down on labor costs.

CMMS also helps construction companies stay organized and in compliance by…

  • Tracking employee health and safety information
  • Documenting work procedures to make sure they are being followed
  • Keeping equipment safe and reliable
  • Ensuring all safety inspections and tests are done properly and on schedule
  • Determining when it’s time to repair or replace malfunctioning equipment
  • Documenting preventive maintenance on key assets
  • Creating reports for audits
  • Archiving work history
  • Storing employee trainings and certifications
  • Tracking incidents

CMMS software also can save your organization a lot of time, money, and worry. Because those are benefits anyone in the construction industry can appreciate.