Dedicated Account Manager Services Help You Ensure Today’s CMMS Software Meets Tomorrow’s Needs


If there’s one thing every maintenance manager understands, it’s that things change. While day-to-day changes are usually noticeable, other changes can sneak up on you over time.

That was Doug’s experience. After implementing his MPulse CMMS software back in 2012, he felt like his maintenance team made great strides with asset management and PM schedules, even when things didn’t go according to plan.

“But over time, small changes started to add up,” Doug said. “We’re not the same organization we were five years ago. And we need to make changes to our maintenance strategy to meet our needs today.”

While an MPulse CMMS software upgrade this year is a part of Doug’s long-term strategy, he also realized he needed something more.

Long-Term CMMS Software Needs

Doug is a big believer in having the right people—and the right tools—for the job. “I didn’t want to use internal resources for this type of thing,” he explained. “The techs and the admin folks have enough on their plates.”

So, Doug decided outside consulting services was the way to go. And he found that help with MPulse’s new Dedicated Account Manager program.

MPulse Dedicated Account Manager is an add-on to Doug’s annual Maintenance & Support Program. Services include…

  • Regular status meetings to monitor ongoing priorities
  • Resolution of post‐implementation issues such as problems, changes, enhancements, and questions
  • Consulting and help with specifications for new functionality requests
  • Communication between his team and MPulse engineers when requests, issues, or questions arise
  • Notification of software enhancements or repair

Personal Service for Continued CMMS Support

One of the biggest advantages for Doug? Personal service. MPulse Dedicated Account Managers work with ten or fewer customers, so they know the companies—and their needs—very well.

Combined with their technical expertise on MPulse Software, Inc, Doug’s Dedicated Account Manager can help him make sure his CMMS software gets him where he needs to go—in both the short term and the long term.

This personal service includes…

  • Dedicated support email
  • Direct number to his Dedicated Account Manager’s mobile phone (during business hours)
  • 4-hour response upon submission of open ticket
  • 24-hour resolution or plan for resolution upon ticket submission
  • Regular, scheduled status meetings with all stakeholders

It’s a great fit for Doug.

“My team can concentrate on the day-to-day software tasks like work orders and PM schedules,” he said. “And the software experts can help us use MPulse to get us where we need to be tomorrow.”

How could the MPulse Dedicated Account Manager help your organization? Leave a comment below or contact me.