Five Ways CMMS Software Can Help Maintenance Teams of Any Size Perform Like Enterprise Operations


Once, not so long ago, CMMS software was out of reach for many maintenance operations.

Not anymore.

Today’s modern maintenance management software has changed the way operations of all sizes perform—giving everyone competitive advantages once only available to large, enterprise organizations with big budgets.

The reason? Advanced tools in CMMS software are more affordable—and more user friendly—for maintenance operations. And that’s changing the way organizations of all sizes look at maintenance.

How Does CMMS Software Help Smaller Maintenance Operations?

Benefits of CMMS software for small- and medium-sized operations include…

  1. Streamlined workflows: Respond faster, making the most of the time and resources you have. Automate schedules for both employees and contract workers as well as eliminate lost information between shifts, reducing confusion and errors. Track employee performance, and manage staffing and overtime. Reduce errors due to manual data entry.
  2. Improved customer service: Communicate with service requesters as well as automate progress updates as your team completes repairs. Use easy-to-manage security controls to ensure the right people—and only the right people—have access to the right information. Improve communication and transparency to increase customer satisfaction, so their trust and confidence in your team will grow.
  3. Data-driven management: Gather, analyze, and report data about your equipment and your team. Make decisions based on hard evidence, instead of perceptions or assumptions. Visualize your department’s impact on your organization, and show your managers. Answer questions—both the ones you have today and the ones you might not think to ask until tomorrow.
  4. Real-time data: Get real-time information on your assets and eliminate the need for manual data collection. Save time and effort by using systems that gather information directly from multiple devices. Spot trends and reduce data input redundancy with CMMS software and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
  5. Scalability: Prepare for the unexpected. Things change. When your organization grows, maintenance feels the impact. Scalable CMMS software keeps you on top of the increased workload—more equipment, additional production, new staff members, extra inventory, different safety procedures.

CMMS software and related technologies helps organizations manage as the maintenance field becomes increasingly complex. Maintenance departments of all sizes can use the advanced tools of CMMS software to gain a competitive advantage, improve efficiencies, extend the life of assets, and reduce costs.

What’s your experience? How has CMMS software helped your small- or medium-sized organization perform more like the big guys? Leave a comment or contact me.