How to Keep Your CMMS Implementation on Track after Employee Turnover


Recently I ran into a long-term customer at a trade show, Dean. We got to talking, and he shared this story with me:

“Steve,” Dean said. “My maintenance manager retired last year, and I just learned the new guy hasn’t done much with our MPulse maintenance data. I need to figure out how to refocus the maintenance team, because we’ve got way too much information in our CMMS to let it go to waste. What should I do?”

Dean isn’t alone. Employee turnover can put a big wrench in the CMMS implementation process. When an employee leaves, they take their CMMS knowledge with them. Oftentimes the personal relationship with the software vendor goes too.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In many cases, the organization’s mindset can make the difference. Often maintenance managers turn to CMMS software when they have a problem to solve. That’s a tactical mindset—the software fixes the problem. But different people have different problems, so when one employee leaves, the new person might not focus on the same issues.

On the other hand, a strategic mindset focuses on the benefit of CMMS software to the entire organization. Instead of solving a problem for one individual, you begin to manage maintenance for the entire organization—making it more efficient and financially responsible. A strategic mindset increases the organizational awareness of CMMS data’s value and how it contributes to the overall viability of the company.

If your MPulse champion has moved on, it’s important to recognize the loss so you can focus, or refocus, others on the larger goals. This may sound harsh, but the value is not in a person, it’s in the data.

Does that sound overwhelming? Well the good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Lean on your vendor for transitional support. At MPulse, we have multiple ways to bring new employees up to speed quickly—from on-site help to classroom training to an extensive video library. By training new employees and sharing your vision, you’ll ensure your CMMS data supports your long-term strategic goals.

If you hire a new bookkeeper, you don’t change your accounting software. Focus on your CMMS software’s output, not the tactical processes, and use your data to manage maintenance operations. Your CMMS implementation will stay on track, and your organization will reap those long-term benefits that make a big difference to the bottom line.