Mobile CMMS Software Moves as Fast as You

Maintenance doesn’t happen in the office. So, mobile CMMS software is a natural fit for maintainers. Combining mobile devices with CMMS makes for a powerful tool to get the job done.

Using mobile technology allows you to access critical information easily without calling back to the office or getting “plugged in.” Imagine your maintenance team doing these activities from anywhere:

  • Open, access, and complete work orders
  • Send or upload photographs of failed components
  • View available parts inventory
  • Access historical data on assets
  • Get up-to-the minute alerts and reports
  • Update inventory using barcode scanning and online ordering systems
  • Access maintenance and repair manuals
  • Record locations automatically with a GPS-enabled device

Bandwidth and Internet Access

Growing bandwidth and better access also makes mobile CMMS more practical.

As a result, you can now connect to the Internet, and virtually any business application, from almost anywhere, via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Improved security features also mean you can safely control access to your data, even when you aren’t in the office.

Ease of Use

It’s likely your employees will need minimal training on mobile CMMS. Many already use smartphones and tablets in their personal lives, and increasingly standardized application interfaces mean that lessons learned navigating one app are easily transferable to new ones.

Additionally, mobile CMMS software works wherever you need it to—on a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. For example, MPulse’s Tablet and Smartphone Compatibility means your maintenance team will experience the same easy access no matter what device they use, making things easier to find and creating less confusion.

Improved Efficiency

Organizations using mobile devices in maintenance operations report some impressive efficiency gains. 43 percent of respondents reported a significant increase in efficiency, with another 28 percent reporting a moderate increase. That’s encouraging, because increased efficiency is what CMMS users want most of all, and mobile devices are helping them get there.

Access to real-time data also saves time and helps your maintenance staff boost productivity. Additionally, an easy-to-use interface means better acceptance from your workforce and a better way for maintainers to quickly enter data on the job.

Maintenance professionals can reap huge benefits from mobile technology. Want to know more? Contact us. We’re here to help.