Streamline Your Maintenance Service Requests with CMMS


Just a few months ago, Julie started her day the same way. She listened to her voice mail, checked her email, and sorted through the sticky notes left on her desk.

Many of those messages were requests for maintenance service from people in other departments. Julie manually entered requests into a homegrown database developed by internal IT staff more than a decade ago.

Julie was good at her job, but things sometimes slipped through the cracks. Messages got lost. Information was unclear. The work was tedious and time consuming. And Julie knew there must be an easier way.

Designed for Maintenance

Julie’s organization needed software that was designed for maintenance. The old system was rudimentary—simply a list of tasks with suggested due dates, plus a few fields for comments and requestor information.

And everything required manual work. At the end of every day, Julie printed out a list of tasks and asked the techs what got done, and what was still left on the list. Then she manually updated the database and contacted the requester to give them a status update.

Julie’s organization purchased MPulse Maintenance Software a couple of months ago. Her first question was, “Why didn’t we do this years ago?”

Designed for Maintenance Personnel

CMMS software was designed for people like Julie. If your maintenance department gets requests from non-maintenance personnel or customers, CMMS software automates the entire process—from the initial request to the close of the work order, and all the communication in-between.

Now Julie’s day starts off very differently.

Everything is at Julie’s fingers the moment she sits down. Her maintenance customers initiate their own service requests by entering them directly into MPulse. They can see the status of the repairs at any time, plus MPulse automatically sends emails as the repairs are completed. Requests are approved digitally and routed automatically to the right people.

Julie set up MPulse to gather the information she needs—including location, department account number, requester contact information, and notes. And she keeps that information secure by ensuring the right people—and only the right people—have access to the right information.

Julie spends a lot less time entering data and a lot more time seeing what that data means, with MPulse’s reporting features. And best of all, she’s spending her time on more important projects.

If you work in a maintenance department where requests come from different people, CMMS software can streamline that workflow, saving your organization time and money.

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