How Maintenance Management Affects Your Entire Organization


Maintenance affects every product you buy and every building or landscape you walk through.

Take a second to look around, right now, wherever you are.

What are you standing on? Any floor—tile, linoleum, concrete, carpet—needs maintenance and cleaning to keep it in good repair. Do you have a smartphone in your hand, or a computer screen in front of your face? Maintenance is a key part of the manufacturing process for everything you buy—and your ability to keep it running.

If you work for an organization that makes something or you work in a building, maintenance management directly affects your experience—and your customers’ experience—in ways you may not completely appreciate.

Maintenance Affects Our Daily Lives

Most of the time, maintenance goes unnoticed—until something goes wrong. We see the importance of maintenance when we encounter…

  • A broken elevator
  • A burst pipe
  • Nonfunctioning computer network, WiFi, or email server
  • A delayed flight due to mechanical issues
  • Out-of-service restrooms
  • Broken chairs or furniture

It’s likely you’ve complained about several of these issues at one time or another. But have you ever considered how all these issues can be quickly resolved or even prevented with a better approach to maintenance management?

CMMS Software Improves Maintenance Management

Things don’t always go as planned. But CMMS software helps maintenance departments stay on top of their workloads and respond faster when things go wrong—improving the experience for everyone.

When your maintenance team becomes more productive and efficient, these improvements have an effect far beyond the maintenance department.

For example, CMMS helps your maintenance team…

  • handle requests faster, therefore improving response time
  • automate communication on the status of maintenance requests, so everyone knows what they need to know without ever picking up the phone
  • create insightful reports with accurate data that answer questions, even ones you never thought to ask
  • make the difference between a positive experience and a negative one (people remember the negatives ones, and tell their friends too)
  • respond before assets break
  • prevent the negative consequences of broken equipment or assets

Your whole organization benefits when the maintenance department is functioning well. So, it’s important to recognize all the ways maintenance affects your organization—and how good maintenance management can make everyone’s experience better.

How can CMMS software help you improve maintenance management? Contact us. We can help.