Hotel software for maintenance management helps your team manage guest requests, preventive maintenance, equipment management, safety and health regulations, and capital expenditures on facilities and properties.

Best of all, hotel maintenance teams have quick access to all the vital information for valuable assets. That also includes maintenance history, vendor information, purchase price and warranties, parts and supplies, and safety records.

Hotel Software for Maintenance Management

The comfort and safety of guests is paramount to success in the competitive hospitality industry. So, busy hotels and lodging companies know that maintenance affects their business.

CMMS software provides a single point of all maintenance-related information. Therefore, the maintenance team is always up to date on the latest requests, preventive maintenance schedules, and potential issues that can affect the experience of guests.

Hotel maintenance teams use CMMS software to…

  • Update safety procedures
  • Document safety training
  • Publish safety data as a reminder to employees
  • Standardize checklists for scheduled inspections
  • Create a paper trail showing preventive measures
  • Detail emergency procedures in case of a natural disaster or other incident.

With CMMS software when someone else needs to do the task next, they have custom checklists, resources like repair and preventative maintenance manuals, asset history, and safety procedures right there with the work order.

And best of all, much of that documentation is automated. Once it’s set up, the maintenance team is ready to go.

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CMMS Data for Better Hotel Management

Today’s hotel management leaders use preventive and predictive maintenance tools and strategies to keep assets running and unplanned maintenance to a minimum. This detailed, accurate information impacts productivity, profitability, and organizational progress. Additionally, real-time data means better insights into assets, how they’re working, and what they’re really cost to run.

Hotel managers can use CMMS to gather, analyze, and report data about facilities and team members. And by using that data, decisions are based on hard evidence, instead of perceptions or assumptions.