You can reduce equipment downtime with power plant maintenance software, while also keeping equipment in top condition and managing maintenance costs.

Power plants affect almost every business and home by generating the energy needed for modern life. Your maintenance team is responsible for keeping operations running by keeping key assets and equipment in good working order.

But when things go wrong, energy production slows down or sometimes even stops completely. That’s lost time and productivity, and it also directly affects the people and organizations you serve.

What’s Power Plant Maintenance Software?

Also called computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software, power plant maintenance software is designed to automate maintenance management and reduce asset downtime. You can track equipment data and quickly find the information you need when you’re crunched for time.

Maintenance managers use it for…

  • Scheduling preventive maintenance tasks
  • Generating work orders, either automatically or manually
  • Automating communication
  • Handling service requests
  • Managing parts and inventory
  • ­Creating custom reports
  • Streamlining purchase order and requests
  • Issuing purchase requests and purchase orders
  • Controlling the costs of maintenance
  • Documenting regulatory compliance procedures.

With power plant maintenance software, your maintenance team can identify problems when they are still small, helping to prevent emergency repairs and improve asset life cycle. That helps your organization improve its productivity and its profitability.

How Can It Improve Operations?

When your organization’s equipment hasn’t been maintained properly, you’re going to experience more breakdowns. That translates into lost dollars and intense pressure on the maintenance team to get production running again.

Maintenance managers use this software to generate a schedule of preventive maintenance tasks, making it simpler to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Properly maintained assets perform more efficiently, use less energy, and fail less often—extending their usable life.

Power plant maintenance software also helps capture key data and use reliable information to make cost-effective choices about operations and costs.

This data helps maintenance managers make effective replace-or-repair decisions. You can track not only the age of the equipment, but the miles, hours, life-to-date repair dollars, and many other metrics — helping you decide when it becomes cheaper to replace an asset instead of repairing it.

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