10 Ways Facility Managers Benefit from CMMS Software—and You Can Too


When you work in facility maintenance management, it often feels like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

So implementing CMMS software on top of your other tasks may feel challenging. But improving your workflows with easy-to-use CMMS software features can make your days run a lot smoother.

Our MPulse customers shared ten ways CMMS software helped them with facility maintenance—and how it can help you too.

  1. Automated Preventive Maintenance: CMMS software help you create PM schedules and track work, so you know what’s been done, and what’s still waiting.
  2. Communication: Automated email updates and request approvals via CMMS software keep everyone on the same page with minimal effort.
  3. Improved Labor Productivity: CMMS helps your techs plan and track work—and even log in remotely while they are on the job, so there’s no need to rush back to a computer.
  4. Service Requests: With CMMS software your requestors can submit their own requests—and see updates as they occur.
  5. Asset History: Over time, your CMMS software creates a historical record for each asset, so you know what happened when. Plus, your maintenance crew can use this information to troubleshoot reoccurring problems, reorder parts, or find vendor information.
  6. Reports: Your CMMS data has value, and that’s evident when your reports show you which assets are costing more to repair than replace, and what’s falling through the cracks.
  7. Cost Control: Every maintenance manager needs to control the cost of maintenance, and CMMS software tracks labor and inventory costs to do just that.
  8. Inspections: Automate inspection schedules to make them happen regularly and on time. Plus, your CMMS records everything, and you can answer an auditor’s questions in just a few clicks.
  9. Purchasing: Use CMMS software to improve your purchasing process by easily tracking orders and requisitions all the way through receiving and restocking.
  10. Data Entry: Don’t spend time re-entering and maintaining data, such as inventory and purchasing information, in multiple systems. CMMS features, like MPulse DataLink Integration Adapter, can significantly reduce data sharing complexity. 

You’ve got enough to do. Free up your time to focus on the bigger responsibilities of facility maintenance management.

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