10 Ways CMMS Helps You Control the Cost of Maintenance

Controlling the cost of maintenance is a major goal for maintenance teams. Here are 10 ways CMMS software can help.

Repair or Replace

Maintenance software can not only track the age of the equipment, but the miles, hours, life-to-date repair dollars, and many other metrics—helping you decide when it becomes cheaper to replace an asset instead of repairing it.

Reduce Downtime

When you use CMMS to schedule and track PMs, you’ll reduce emergency maintenance issues and unexpected production stoppages. This, in turn, cuts overtime costs for emergency repairs and reduces production losses. You can also schedule maintenance for off hours by tracking equipment use time.

Extend Lifecycle

CMMS software generates a schedule of preventive maintenance tasks, making it simpler to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Properly maintained assets perform more efficiently, use less energy, and fail less often—extending their usable life.

Inventory Management

CMMS software can prevent under-stocking and over-stocking, streamline reordering, and automate cyclical inventory counts. You can also track parts to stock based on availability and automatically generate purchase orders based on need, reducing purchasing overhead.

Historic Information

Each work order in CMMS automatically records labor time, parts and inventory costs, asset history, and other key information. This information also eliminates lost information between shifts, reducing confusion and errors.

Better Communication

CMMS software’s automated communication tools streamline the approval and assignment process with confirmations sent to requesters, managers, and technicians. In turn, status updates are automatically emailed to the appropriate people as the technician updates the work order.

Vendor/Manufacturer Contact Information Access

You can have detailed records of each vendor’s contact information, rates, and personnel in your CMMS database. You can track which vendors provide which goods and services as well as find out who is available for work.

Automated Scheduling

Automated PM schedules and inspections help spot issues before they occur. Maintenance intervals can be scheduled based on asset or part condition, which triggers a work order just before the point when system inefficiencies or failures begin to occur.

Employee Performance

By tracking repair times in CMMS, you can measure employee performance and create benchmarks. You’ll also see which employees are most efficient at which tasks, helping to balance the workload.

Automated Routing

CMMS software can automatically filter maintenance requests based on your predetermined criteria, then quickly route them to the appropriate people for review and approval.

CMMS helps you capture key data and turns it into reliable information to help make cost-effective choices about asset management. Contact us to learn how it can help your maintenance team.