Buying MPulse CMMS: Your Roadmap To Success

Congratulations! You’ve made the excellent choice to buy CMMS software from MPulse.

What happens next?

Let’s outline the steps to a successful CMMS implementation. 

Step 1: Sign Your Sales Contract

Your MPulse sales rep will finalize your order, which outlines the MPulse tier (Professional, Advanced, or Enterprise) and any services you’ve chosen. These services also may include implementation consulting, training, hosting, etc. (See all MPulse’s available services on our website.)

Once your order has been submitted, things start moving quickly.

Step 2: Schedule Your Customer Kickoff Meeting

The MPulse Customer Care team will reach out to you shortly after your purchase. You’ll receive an invitation to schedule a Customer Development Team (CDT) Introduction meeting at a time that’s convenient for you. Note that this conversation is specific to your organization.

On that phone call, we will …

  • Provide details on who the Customer Development Team is and how we can help with your CMMS success
  • Confirm information about your company, and make sure we have all of the right contact people
  • Review the products and services you’ve purchased, and how MPulse will deliver them 
  • Discover all the great training, services, and support resources provided by your MPulse Maintenance & Support Program (MSP) and how to access them
  • Review priorities, timeline, and how you’ll measure success
  • Get answers to any questions you might have.

Step 3: Receive Meeting Summary

After your kickoff call, you’ll receive an email summary with helpful links, scheduled activities, and contact information.

Step 4: Schedule Services with MPulse Teams

CDT personnel will contact you to schedule your services. These may include…

CMMS Implementation Services

  • Onsite or virtual consulting
  • Data migration
  • Custom projects
  • Integrations

Software deployment

  • Application Hosting Service setup
    • Runs on Microsoft’s .NET technology
    • Safe and secure
    • Free to MSP subscribers
  • Application Installation Service for customers choosing to run MPulse on their local servers

Maintenance & Support Program (MSP)

  • Latest software updates
  • Access to online knowledgebase, usability video library, and premium online training courses
  • Phone and email support 8am-8pm ET, Monday – Friday
  • All support provided by experienced MPulse employees
  • Access to customer-only webinars and training events

CMMS Training

  • Virtual Fundamentals Walk-Through course
  • Customized on-site sessions
  • Access to our “Let’s Learn” video library
  • Webinars and world-class online training.

Expert Consulting Services

  • Assigned MPulse Senior Trainer/ Implementation Engineer
  • Planning meeting
  • Data review
  • Follow-up action plan
  • Online instruction or on-site training and implementation, depending on your needs

Step 5: Check In 

During your first year, CDT will check in to see how you’re progressing. They’ll also help resolve any issues impacting your successful implementation.

Note that the CDT takes their job to make sure you’re happy with MPulse services very seriously. If you ever have questions, you can contact them directly.