How CMMS Changes the Culture of Your Organization

You know how CMMS software streamlines workflows and improves productivity. But there’s another, more subtle change that happens to MPulse customers after they implement CMMS software.

“After our first year with MPulse, I could see our team was communicating better and collaborating more,” said Heidi, a maintenance coordinator with a property management company in the Midwest. “MPulse changed the culture of our department—and our whole organization.”

Small Changes Add Up

Heidi is describing the result of many small changes that affect the way a maintenance team and service requesters work together, such as…

  • Preventive maintenance schedules that update automatically, so nothing is missed because someone didn’t update a spreadsheet or logbook
  • Automatic work order generation based on specified triggers
  • Easily accessible information about what parts and inventory are available (and where), as well as what needs to be ordered
  • Recorded details about previous work and repairs on assets, so everyone knows who did what when
  • Configurable dashboards with the most important data front and center, so you know what you need to know at a glance
  • Easy access to the reports and numbers needed to make important decisions
  • Customized calendars, so your team can see what needs to happen when
  • The ability to monitor multiple meters (e.g., revolutions, psi, hours) on a single asset
  • Automated email responses to service requests keep requesters happy, and off the phone asking for updates
  • Updates to work orders from a smartphone or tablet in the field, so no one needs to run back to the office to input information into a computer
  • Automated routing and notification when work orders are assigned and completed
  • Historical asset information about previous repairs and services, so no need to rely on other people’s memories or track down old work orders in the filing cabinet
  • Documented workflows that are easily accessible, rather than stored in someone else’s brain
  • Information about who checked out what keys as well as authorized users, reducing the problem of lost or misplaced keys

Over time, these little things add up—and your maintenance team is working together better than ever.

“We’re less stressed, and we’re doing fewer emergency repairs,” Heidi said. “MPulse has completely changed our workplace dynamic.”

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