Make the Most of Business Intelligence Data from CMMS Software

CMMS software is the best way for maintenance teams to manage preventive maintenance tasks and repairs. But that’s not all. Over time the software gathers data that’s a valuable source of business intelligence information for the entire organization.

This data provides insight into your organization’s operations, helping you (and your bosses) make better decisions.

Labor Expenses

CMMS software tracks labor expenses, which helps organizations accurately estimate labor hours for both repair and preventive maintenance tasks. That also helps your organization balance staffing levels and the workload as well as reduce overtime costs. Plus, you can work with your human resources department to determine when it’s more efficient to add more staff members instead of paying current employees more overtime.

Inventory Control

Basic inventory in CMMS software links items and their unit costs to work orders and asset. That gives you simple records of inventory items and enables you to track and report on consumption of those items—which is valuable information for your purchasing and/or finance department.

Advanced inventory management features are even more beneficial for your organization, as you can add stocking levels, reorder points, storage locations, and supplier information. These advanced tools also track various units of measure for a single inventory item. For example, you might purchase oil by the barrel, but use it by the quart.

Asset Failure Analysis

CMMS data is a treasure trove of asset information. Over time, CMMS software provides a historical record of repairs and maintenance costs, which you can view in relation to other data—like asset age, previous repair history, and replacement cost. That helps you with the big decisions in maintenance management, like when it’s better to replace rather than repair an asset.

Financial Insight

CMMS data can help you create benchmarks for your maintenance team, plus identify areas where your team needs more training or when it might be more efficient to outsource the repair. You also can schedule maintenance tasks based on actual usage.

This capability extends the asset’s lifecycle, increases your staff’s productivity, and saves your organization both time and money. Users can schedule corrective maintenance tasks and prevent emergency breakdowns—fixing equipment before it actually breaks. That’s music to any executive’s ears.

Organizations need to stay to competitive now more than ever before. CMMS software can help your organization become more productive and efficient. Learn how it could work for you. Contact us for more information.