CMMS Software in Healthcare

Healthcare CMMS software enables organizations to manage maintenance for critical assets, while also meeting government regulations and safety requirements.

The type of equipment found in healthcare facilities is vast. For example, maintenance needs can range from facility HVAC systems and generators to medical equipment to electrical and plumbing repair to cleaning supplies.

Healthcare maintenance management systems provide the right tools to manage maintenance for all these assets, whether it’s a critical part or a light bulb. It provides a reliable central repository for your maintenance and safety data.

Healthcare CMMS Software

CMMS software and maintenance information systems for healthcare excel at tracking the details of your increasingly complex healthcare operations. Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) experienced this firsthand. The organization’s old maintenance system was overwhelmed by requests, as well as difficult to navigate.

With an average of over 500 work orders per month, PCRMC had to find a better way. Their priorities were…

  • User friendly and adaptable interface
  • Ability to handle a large work volume
  • Paperless work orders and reports
  • Simple ways to prioritize work orders
  • Easy preventive maintenance scheduling tools

To improve their maintenance management, PCRMC implemented MPulse. In addition to improving their workflow, the department has experienced numerous benefits.

Asset History

MPulse helped PCRMC better manage assets, reducing time spent managing and tracking assets by 20%. Historical asset data also improved budgeting and tracking expenses.

Vehicle Expenses

PCRMC uses MPulse to track vehicle expenses, as well as vehicle replacement projections. The organization spends about 10% less time on long-range budget planning with the information MPulse provides.

Key and Lock Control

PCRMC customized MPulse’s Key and Lock Management module to meet the organization’s specific needs. As a result, administrators now can quickly identify the areas a specific employee can access.

Traceable Information for Maintenance Compliance

MPulse meets the needs of hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes. We provide affordable solutions and exceptional customer support to help companies with the complex maintenance requirements in all healthcare-related industries—including hospitals, medical offices, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biotech developers, and more.

With MPulse, you’ll also have a traceable history of completed maintenance tasks and documented policies to prove you’re acting in accordance with industry regulations. And the best thing is, this documentation takes care of itself, so you can focus on other important things—like maintenance.

Learn how MPulse can help your maintenance team promote and maintain compliance, while also reducing emergency maintenance issues and unexpected downtime. Contact us for more information. We’re here for you.