Get the Most Out of Your CMMS Customization

CMMS customization is the best way to match your organization’s workflows with your maintenance software.

The goal of CMMS customization is to make it easy for the people who create and complete work orders, as well as the people who need data from those work orders.

As a result, you can track the data you need. And, just as importantly, then you can run your own custom reports on the information you and your managers need to know about.

CMMS Customization

The data you gather in your CMMS software should match what your organization wants to know. For example, if your organization uses special codes or tracks internal data, you need the appropriate tabs and fields in your CMMS database to collect that information.

Here at MPulse, we know how important it is to match your software to your needs. We’ve designed our MPulse Advanced Customization feature to give you maximum flexibility to customize MPulse on the fly, including the ability to customize…

  • List and form layouts
  • Custom fields
  • Nested fields
  • Custom prompts
  • Language
  • Themes

MPulse customers can make changes on the fly in their software with just a few clicks. So, the possibilities are endless.

CMMS Software That Works for You

CMMS customization also plays a huge role in getting buy-in from your stakeholders. Consequently, your successful CMMS implementation depends on customizing the software to make it easy for your users to gather data and get the reports they need.

MPulse customer Mike saw the value of customization when he first purchased MPulse. Like many maintenance managers, Mike knew some of his techs were uncomfortable with computers.

So, he made it as easy as possible by customizing his MPulse work orders using MPulse’s Advanced Customization features. For example, Mike designed his work orders so it took techs just a few clicks to enter information, thanks to the custom fields, nested fields, and custom prompts.

“I created form view and record view layouts that had everything the guys need to see—and nothing they don’t need to see,” Mike explained. “The latter is as just important, or more so.”

Customized CMMS software makes difference between a successful implementation, and expensive software that lies unused and forgotten.

Learn more about how to get the most out of CMMS customization. Contact us. We’re here to help.