How Important is Your CMMS Support Team?

MPulse customers have a secret weapon in their journey to CMMS success—our customer support team. These professionals help new users successfully implement their new CMMS software, as well as continue to use it effectively.

We’re proud of our MPulse Support Team and their accomplishments. Here’s what we think you should know about them.

Three Ways to Contact MPulse Support Team

Our MPulse Support Team is there for you when you need them. We want to keep the customers whose business we’ve worked so hard to earn—so expert MPulse employees are available from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time every workday to support you. They love helping you succeed. Just ask them!

Additionally, the MPulse Support Portal provides a searchable knowledge base of helpful articles, a how-to video library, access to software downloads, and forms to submit support requests when you don’t have time for a phone call.

As one customer said, “Always a pleasure to talk to the folks at MPulse. All of the MPulse team members that I have communicated with over the course of the last 2 years have been outstanding.”

You can reach out to MPulse Support by…

Support Team Members

The MPulse Support Team helps you keep your MPulse Software optimized, and your organization on track to reach its CMMS goals.

One MPulse customer shared why they appreciate MPulse’s software support for their facility maintenance management team: “They are very knowledgeable, very friendly and always ready to help and most important is that they answer all my questions and teach me how to use some of the features.”

Here’s more detail about the people on the other end of the phone or the support portal.

Paul Carter, MPulse Technical Support Engineer

Paul has been with MPulse since 2006. Our customers say: “Mr. Paul Carter responded promptly and was very helpful with the assistance required. Thank you!”

Gilbert Alford, MPulse and TeamWORKS Technical Support Engineer

Gil has been with MPulse since 2019. Our customers say: “Gilbert had taken the time to explain everything in detail, and advised on how we can better our system. He is extremely knowledgeable and has pointed us in the right direction to resolve our issues.”

Evan Newsome, MPulse and TeamWORKS Technical Support Engineer

Evan came over to MPulse with TeamWORKs and has been with MPulse since 2020. Our customers say: “Evan has been extremely helpful to me as I navigate using this new program. I am new at my position with the school district. Evan is a great resource!”

Matt Miller, MPulse and EPAC Support Service Engineer

Matt has been with MPulse since 2021. Our customers say: “Very knowledgeable and fixed our issue quickly. Matt was a great help.”

Isac Pederson, MPulse and TeamWORKS Support Service Engineer

Isac has been with MPulse since 2021. Our customers say: “Isac was very knowledgeable and was able to walk me right through my issue within about a minute. Highly recommended for a great job.”

Wayne Cifelli, MPulse and EPAC Support Service Engineer

Wayne came over to MPulse with EPAC and has been with MPulse since 2019. He also provides services with MPulse and EPAC. Our customers say: “Wayne Cifelli is wonderful to work with. Professional and responds quickly.”

Christina Thomas, Director of Support Services

Christina joined MPulse in 2017. Our customers say: “Christina was so knowledgeable and courteous in helping me with my MPulse issue. She’s great! Kudos to her for her positive attitude and excellent support!”

We’re proud that 9 out of 10 MPulse customers renew their support or SaaS subscription every year. Our employees love working here so much, they almost never leave. Our 5-year employee retention rate is above 95%.

That’s why our customers say: “You guys are my BEST VENDOR!!!!!!”

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