Is It Time for a CMMS Software Upgrade?

Sometimes change feels risky. But not changing carries risk too—the risk of becoming uncompetitive because your business practices haven’t kept up with the times.

We’ve experienced a lot of change lately with the release of our new MPulse 8 CMMS software, so change is a topic that’s on our minds.

It’s on the minds of our customers too.

Our “early adopters” are already upgrading their MPulse CMMS software. But plenty of our customers are trying to decide when’s the right time to upgrade.

These folks are the majority—they’re looking to see how new software fits in with their workflows, and they’d like to avoid as much disruption as possible.

Me too.

You Need More from Your CMMS Software

Maintenance managers know better than anyone how new things (equipment, personnel, processes, or procedures) can affect your operations.

Such is the case with Leo, a customer with an older version of MPulse that he’s waited to upgrade because of time and budget constraints.

But Leo knows the time is near where he simply can’t wait anymore.

Generally, CMMS software upgrades tend to happen when a need arises that can’t be met by the current version or an organization makes changes that the old software is not capable of handling.

Whether that’s more capacity, new features, or faster connections—you need something more.

Your Maintenance Operations Change

Leo needs more because his maintenance department looks a lot different than it did when he first invested in CMMS software several years ago. When I asked him how things have change, he listed four things.

  • Leo’s organization has expanded, which has increased his team’s workload.
  • New IT and Internet infrastructure has improved his organization’s connectivity.
  • His department has experienced a fair amount of staff turnover, and his younger techs are more comfortable doing things differently.
  • His manager’s reporting needs are becoming more complex, and so are his requests for maintenance information from Leo.

“We’ve made a lot of changes around here, especially in the past few years,” Leo explained. “We need to keep up with the growing demands on our crew.”

So when did Leo reach the point where he knew it was time to upgrade his MPulse software? I’ll share more of his story next time.

In the meantime, how has your maintenance operation changed? Leave a comment below or contact us.