Is Your CMMS Software Up to Date?

Outdated CMMS software can cause technical glitches that you don’t have time for. That’s why making sure your CMMS software is up to date is worth the effort.

Software is continuously updated with new features and fixes, which can make your team more productive and efficient. Ignore updates for too long, and you can run into problems.

Why Keep Your CMMS Software Up to Date

Keeping your CMMS software up to date can help things run more smoothly. Here’s how…

  1. Whether it’s a larger staff, better internal efficiency, or better integration, your CMMS software should allow for growth in the areas you need it most. Software updates ensure you’re ready to make changes when you need to.
  2. Most CMMS software can help reduce operational costs by using detailed tracking tools for financial and business metrics. Some even offer cost center budgeting tools. Make sure you have the latest and greatest version.
  3. Time is money, so you’ll save with updated, user-friendly CMMS that makes it easier to learn and work with the software. And, you might find your employees in a better mood.
  4. Modern CMMS software provides rich mobile functionality on most devices. This means better accessibility for your team, which can save time and money.
  5. Security controls change constantly. Keep your CMMS updated to ensure the right people—and only the right people—have access to the right information.
  6. Updates can include enhanced features that improve communication with your service requesters, such as automated emails as your team completes repairs.
  7. Preventative maintenance (PM) scheduling keeps your assets working and prevents expensive downtime. Software updates will make scheduling easier and help you avoid costly failures.

Make it Easy with Automated Updates

The easiest way to keep your CMMS updated is making it automatic. A subscription to the MPulse Maintenance and Support Program (MSP) gives you the latest tools, free training, and software updates to keep your MPulse Software optimized, and your organization on track to reach its CMMS goals.

The MPulse MSP is an annual subscription service that provides continued support, training, and updates. As a program subscriber, you’ll have exclusive access to…

  • Timely, automated software updates
  • New software versions as they’re released
  • Free assistance with software installation

Maintenance professionals need the right tool for the job. And in today’s maintenance environment, the right tool is CMMS maintenance software. Contact us to learn more.