Six CMMS Features Your Techs Want

Maintenance managers know how CMMS software can capture critical data for making good decisions, while helping you save time and money.

But your maintenance techs have different needs—and wants.

Your technicians will use CMMS software in their day-to-day jobs. So, it’s vital that the software you choose is easy for your team to learn and navigate.

Here are six important features that your techs want in CMMS software.

  1. Work order management: Your technician’s day revolves around work orders. Make sure the CMMS software you choose streamlines the way your techs will receive, update, and close work orders, making their workflows more efficient. Also electronic work orders don’t get lost or ruined like paper work orders do, saving time and hassle for everyone.
  2. Custom fields: Probably one of the most undervalued features is the ability to customize what information your techs see, and what they don’t. The latter is as important as the first, and maybe more. Custom fields and drop downs can help your techs fill in important details quickly, helping to significantly reduce time spent on data entry—which is everyone’s least favorite task.
  3. Historical information: CMMS captures key information with every work order, and that comes in handy for the next tech who works on that asset or has a similar issue. No more lost information between shifts or tracking down a coworker to ask questions.
  4. Media and resources: Manuals, warranty information, websites and vendor information right on the screen? That’s a huge time saver when your techs are looking for important information and resources.
  5. Mobility: Maintenance happens in the field, so techs benefit from an adaptive interface that make it easy to access work orders and make updates wherever they are, without stopping by the office or needing to find a computer.
  6. Automated communication: No reason for your techs or admin staff to constantly make calls or send emails to provide updates. Your service requesters can check the status of their requests themselves and received automated emails when work orders are completed.

Remember if your techs don’t use the software the way it’s intended, you’ll never get the results you need. So, when it’s time to buy or upgrade your CMMS software, think like your techs and prioritize the features they want too. Your investment will pay greater dividends faster.

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