Take Multisite Inventory to the Next Level

As maintenance managers know, inventory is one of the most challenging parts of any maintenance operation.

But when you are trying to manage inventory across multiple sites, however, the challenges are exponentially larger.

So, that’s where CMMS software can help. CMMS software is the best tool for tackling inventory management across multiple sites.

MPulse Multisite Connector

MPulse Multisite Connector provides a universal framework, which connects all the locations across your distributed enterprise. That means you can have truly global settings, global reporting, and—yes, that’s right—enterprise-wide inventory search and transfer. So, you’ll know what inventory is available across the company, not just in your local storeroom.

Enterprise Inventory Transfer Manager is a feature of MPulse Multisite Connector. It allows you to do things like…

  • Discover available inventory in other storerooms across the enterprise
  • Issue an inter-office request to retrieve parts
  • Track the fulfillment and transfer process

Save Time & Money Across the Enterprise

MPulse Enterprise Inventory Transfer Manager helps you prevent time- and money-wasting problems like…

  • Running out of parts
  • Searching for lost parts
  • Duplicating inventory you didn’t know you had

Plus, you ‘ll have all the standard capabilities of our Parts & Supplies Inventory Management feature—such as stocking levels, reorder points, storage locations, and supplier information. You can also track various units of measure for a single inventory item. For example, you might purchase oil by the barrel, but use it by the quart.

In conclusion, Enterprise Inventory Transfer Manager can help quickly identify what you need for which piece of equipment, no matter where it’s located.

Most importantly, when an emergency arises, this information provides critical data for making cost-efficient decisions. Additionally, it helps your organization save time and money by improving tracking, stocking, ordering, and inventory processes.

As you know, many organizations have multiple locations—like storerooms, warehouses, offices, or buildings. So, managing inventory across the entire enterprise helps your entire organization maximize resources and minimize costs.

What challenges could Enterprise Inventory Transfer Manager help you solve? Leave a comment or contact us. We’re here to help.