Is It Time to Take Your Maintenance Operation to the Next Level?

When you’re using maintenance software on a daily basis, it’s easy to learn to work within the parameters of your current system without realizing what else you might be missing.

That’s what happened to Lisa, an MPulse administrator for a utility district. While things were running smoothly with their older version of MPulse, as she started researching an upgrade to the newest release (MPulse 8), Lisa realized her organization’s needs had changed over time.

“We’re not just looking for the newest release,” she explained. “We need to implement new functionality. We’re looking to capture and track additional data, increase our reporting capabilities, and add more complex features.”

Scaling Up CMMS Software

In the software business, we call this scalability—which simply means your CMMS software can accommodate changes in size or volume as your needs change.

So, Lisa needs not only the newest version of MPulse, but a more robust version.

The good news is that MPulse is easy to scale. We designed our software that way on purpose because we know how things change in the maintenance field.

It’s not uncommon for organizations like Lisa’s to start with simpler versions of our software, and then once they are up and running, see the benefits of more advanced features or enterprise management capabilities with global settings, global reporting, and enterprise-wide inventory search and transfer.

That’s because when your organization grows, maintenance feels the impact. Suddenly you’ve got more equipment to maintain, additional production to support, new staff members to manage, extra inventory to store, and different safety procedures to perform.

Scalability is Cost Effective

From a customer’s standpoint, software scalability is cost effective because you can buy what you need when you need it.

Whether it’s adding user licenses or expanding functionality, it’s more affordable to scale up your CMMS software instead of starting from scratch every time.

Scalable CMMS software keeps you on top of the increased workload—whether it’s more equipment, additional production, new staff members, extra inventory, different safety procedures, etc.

Things change. You can’t predict these changes, yet CMMS software scalability ensures you are prepared when they happen.

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