What You Need to Know about CMMS Software Security

CMMS data is an organizational asset, and it needs to be protected like any other asset. You don’t hand the keys to your office over to just anyone—and you don’t want unauthorized access to your CMMS software either.

As a maintenance professional, your goal should be to prevent unauthorized access, misuse, modification, unintended deletion, or malfunction of your data. Modern CMMS software can help you achieve that goal.

Here’s what you should know about CMMS software security.

Network Security

Security starts with the network. If your CMMS software is hosted internally, your IT team will be responsible for ensuring the security of your network.

However, cloud-based CMMS software runs on external servers. If you have cloud-based maintenance software—or you’re thinking about buying it—be sure your CMMS data is backed up and secured in a professionally managed environment.

MPulse provides a SSAE 16 Type II certified cloud hosting and recovery service. Our goal is to offer solutions that combine certified production deployments with fully tested, disaster recovery services to provide the highest levels of availability, security, responsiveness, and recovery.

Single-Sign-On (SSO) / Active Directory Integration for Cloud-Hosted Customers

SAML SSO enables cloud-based CMMS software to integrate with security directories that determine who gets access to what computers, networks, applications, and services. SSO offers many advantages for organizations that want to streamline and control access to cloud-based software.

For example, with our SSO option, MPulse users can log into their computers once and have immediate access to their hosted CMMS from MPulse.

MPulse’s SSO option extends an organization’s internal Microsoft Active Directory to the MPulse cloud environment. This feature supports multiple identity providers (including Microsoft ADFS and Okta) as well as user self-provisioning and custom claims for populating user data.

Access Control

Within your CMMS database, you’ll want to protect sensitive information by limiting which records your employees see depending on their role in the organization. In other words, you want the right people to have the right access to the right records.

MPulse Maintenance Software’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) was designed for this purpose—enabling you to reduce errors in data entry, prevent unauthorized users from viewing or editing data, gain tighter control over data access, and eliminate the “data clutter” of unnecessary information.

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