When to Use a CMMS App, Part 2

Last time we talked about why many users don’t need a CMMS app. However, sometimes a CMMS app is the best solution.

If your job involves working off site or in areas with low connectivity, a CMMS app can make your job a lot easier. With smartphones and tablets, you can capture information on the spot—instead of jotting it down on paper to be input later.

Maintenance happens in the field or on the plant floor. If you want to streamline workflows away from the office, a CMMS app works great if your team needs to…

  • Open, access, and complete work orders
  • Send or upload photographs of failed components
  • View available parts inventory
  • Access historical data on assets
  • Get up-to-the minute alerts and reports
  • Update inventory using barcode scanning and online ordering systems
  • Access maintenance and repair manuals
  • Record locations automatically with a GPS-enabled device.

What to Look for in a CMMS App

A CMMS app should give you everything you need to get the job done, even if you can’t connect to the Internet. That last bit is important, as most maintenance professionals work in environments where connectivity can be an issue.

When looking at a CMMS app, consider these key features…

  • Automatic syncing between the app and your CMMS software when online
  • Reporting problems in the field
  • Capturing data when and where it happens
  • Documenting work with pictures and videos
  • Receiving and updating work assigned to you
  • Completing work orders with all required data
  • Tracking hours worked with activity timer
  • Finding and linking inventory using barcodes
  • Working offline with seamless background synchronization
  • Controlling access

With any app, security is always a paramount concern. You’ll want to understand the app’s security features to ensure you can confidently control access even when you can’t physically control the location of your devices. Work with your CMMS vendor and IT team to identify the right security tools to keep your data safe.

CMMS App Training

Mobile device designers have focused heavily on improving ease of use, so it’s likely your employees will need minimal training on a CMMS app.

Many will have already used smartphones and tablets in their personal lives, and increasingly standardized application interfaces mean that lessons learned navigating one app are easily transferable to new ones.

CMMS apps can offer big benefits for maintenance professionals. Contact us to learn more about how MPulse can help your team get the job done.