Why A Strong CMMS Implementation Plan Boosts Your ROI

CMMS software is an investment. So, like any investment, you want to see a return on that money.

The bean counters call this “return on investment” (ROI), which measures the gain or loss generated on an investment relative to the amount of money invested.

Boosting your ROI takes more than great CMMS software, however. You need well-trained people who know how to use it, and you also need a solution set up right to work with your company’s assets and business processes.

A strong CMMS implementation plan boosts your ROI with improvements in…

  • Labor costs
  • Parts and inventory management
  • Equipment downtime and emergency repairs
  • Equipment life cycle and replacement forecasting
  • Manufacturing scrap and rework

A Strong CMMS Implementation Plan

An CMMS implementation plan has five steps:

  1. Planning
  2. Data migration
  3. Installation
  4. Training
  5. “Go-live”

Start your CMMS implementation plan in a single department that stands to benefit the most in the short term. Then, follow with a company-wide roll-out. When others witness the initial success of the first department, bringing everyone on board will be much easier.

Expert Advice

While you can develop your own CMMS implementation plan, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to hire the experts. After all, you don’t send your plumbing expert to fix and electrical issue.

MPulse offers several onsite implementation services:

  • Custom Launch Plan: We send an experienced senior MPulse trainer to your location for 4 days of intensive instruction. Typical curriculum is designed to cover what’s necessary to get your users up and running with MPulse.
  • Assured Implementation Program (AIP): A software implementation program designed to take you from software purchase through successful implementation, without missing any critical steps along the way. Our most comprehensive program, AIP gets you through planning, data migration, installation, training, and “go-live” day.
  • Assess, Adjust, and Implement Program (AAI): AAI is designed for existing MPulse customers who want to improve their maintenance program. It begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current state and concludes with training and services to assist you in implementing improvements.

Whether you’ve got an experienced team spread across numerous locations or a small maintenance operation with a few employees, MPulse has a program for you. Contact us to learn more.