Are You Prepared for Emergency Management?

Emergency management is a huge part of maintenance. Whether it’s an equipment failure or a natural disaster—your team needs to be prepared.

You never think an emergency is going to happen to you. But preparing for the unexpected not only helps during an emergency, it can likely prevent more damage.

CMMS for Emergency Management

Maintenance professionals are first responders when things go wrong. It’s easier to make good decisions under pressure when you can see how your operations are functioning and where you need to focus your attention. And that’s so much easier with CMMS software.

Emergency management requires documentation and planning. CMMS software can help you with every aspect of your emergency management plan, such as…

  • Creating an emergency plan with checklists
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of each staff person
  • Ensuring safety measures are in place
  • Managing resources, supplies, and personnel
  • Storing documents and other information, including details for insurance purposes
  • Identifying where things are located, including emergency supplies
  • Accessing information remotely.

Planning means your team knows what to do when an emergency happens, as well as prevent more damage. Information is power. With CMMS, you can act on the information you’ve gathered when you need it most.

CMMS for Emergency Recovery

CMMS data also is vital during the recovery period—helping your team get things up and running much faster.

That includes…

  • Safe storage of critical information
  • Emergency inspection checklists
  • Vendors and contacts
  • Asset and part information

The combination of CMMS software and an emergency plan is the best way to prepare for when things go wrong. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike. CMMS software can help you reduce your risk when speed is of the essence.

How can you use CMMS software to create an emergency management plan? Contact us. We’re happy to share the secrets we’ve learned over the years.