How to Get Your New Maintenance Personnel Up to Speed Quickly

A long-time MPulse customer, Ken, stopped by the office this week. Ken is the maintenance manager for a government agency, and he’s got an increasingly common problem.

“Steve, a third of our maintenance staff have retired in the past two years,” he said. “Plus, we’ve added a new parts person and project administrator. Training the new staff on our CMMS has been a real challenge.”

I’ve heard similar stories before, so I wasn’t surprised when Ken continued, “We’re already short staffed, and taking key personnel away from their normal work to provide system training isn’t very efficient. I need to get these new folks up to speed faster. I’m also concerned there are gaps in our training as people try to multitask.”

Ken’s story is becoming more common in the maintenance profession as our aging workforce retires. It’s always tough to lose the knowledge and experience of long-time personnel.

It’s also an opportunity. Ken has hired some talented people who are ready to go. But he needs to get his new team up to speed to keep the momentum he’s achieved with his MPulse CMMS software. Ken knows the facility maintenance management system is only as powerful as the person using it.

When Is It Time to Invest in More In-Depth Training?

Ken’s agency invested in onsite training when his MPulse Software, Inc was first implemented several years ago.

“It worked well and provided a great foundation for our success,” he said. “Worth every penny.”

But with more than a third of his team in transition, Ken needs to make sure his new employees have the same chance to pick up the skills they need to keep his agency on the right path.

However, like most public entities, Ken has budget restrictions.

Until now, he’s relied on hands-on training with his internal MPulse users. It’s pretty cost effective on the front end as it reduces capital outlay. However, the operational cost of reduced efficiency during the training period is significant.

With this many new folks, Ken needs to invest in formal training to get his new team working at the same level of production.

I asked Ken about his goals for training. He listed off six things he wanted his employees to learn…

  • Benefits of CMMS software
  • Software features and capabilities
  • New skills
  • New methods for old skills
  • Safety documentation
  • Regulatory compliance record keeping

Pick the Right Training Option for Your Team

Ken has several expert training options within his budget.

  • Recorded video training is inexpensive and easy for employees who have complicated or conflicting schedules.
  • Instructor-led webinars offer a combination of online and classroom training that provides a chance to customize the content without requiring travel.
  • Instructor-led classroom training works well when presenting a lot of information to groups of employees in an environment that is free from other distractions.
  • Onsite training provides personal, customized face-to-face training in your work environment.

After going through his options, Ken decided on classroom training.

“Everyone will get the same information at the same time,” he said. “Plus our shop is busy. Fewer distractions will help the team concentrate.”

A successful maintenance management program requires more than just great software. You need well-trained people who know how to use it, and you need a solution set up right to work with your company’s asset and business processes.

Ken found a good solution that works for his organization. But he’s not done yet. I’ll continue with Ken’s story next time.

What’s your experience with training new employees? What’s worked? What hasn’t? Leave a comment or contact us.