How Organization Improves Efficiency

Maintenance is as much about managing documents and information as fixing things. That’s why improving efficiency in a business can make a big difference in your bottom line.

The right tools make organization as easy as possible. Above all, that includes keeping the resources you and your team need right where you need them.

Of course, your CMMS software can help.

Media Management for Improving Efficiency in a Business

Maintenance professionals need quick and easy access to a variety of sources: documents, videos, photos, supplier websites, intranets, and more. 

With MPulse Media Management, your team can quickly and easily access these resources from all over your organization and all over the globe, right from your CMMS software.

Your team can add links to maintenance manuals, internal documents, vendor websites, and much more. As a result, all the information is stored with the work order or asset record, so it’s easily accessible the next time around.

Additionally, Media Management also lets you link videos, photos, documents, and websites to your Dashboards, so it’s right there waiting for you every time you sign in.

How to Improve Efficiency in a Business with CMMS

Maintenance operations that improve organization can also improve safety, response time, inventory availability, labor resources, and communication. 

These strategies to improve efficiency in a business solves maintenance challenges for all types of industries—from manufacturing to education to government agencies, and more. 

  • Managing documents and information stored in MPulse eliminates lost information between shifts, reducing confusion and errors.
  • Media integration can work with a dashboard to provide rich media as part of each user’s main “console.”
  • The media attachment capability ties any relevant documentation to the work order. This is a great way to keep your objective evidence handy and connected to the relevant scheduled audit trigger events.
  • Media tools also can help with training new maintenance workers by making it easier to find and access resources.
  • Documents and other information become more accessible and safe, even available via remote access.
  • During emergencies, details for insurance purposes, emergency inspection checklists, vendor and contact information, and other critical information is easy to access.
  • Organizations can improve regulatory compliance for critical assets, while also ensuring safety and satisfaction.

Want more information on how efficiency can be improved in a business? Contact us. We’re happy to share the secrets we’ve learned over the years.