Maintenance in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has put maintenance in the spotlight. Suddenly, our job is at the top of everyone’s mind. Organizations are newly focused on everything from cleanliness and safety to supplies and documentation. That means tools like CMMS software are more important than ever before.

Our customers are using MPulse to tackle these new challenges in a COVID-19 world. Here’s how.


Maintenance departments strive to meet the growing demands of government and industry standards and regulatory bodies—OSHA, FDA guidelines, ISO certification, etc. Every industry has its mountain of rules to climb.

With COVID-19, those mountains are growing. These days you absolutely must have a CMMS solution to track the details of your increasingly complex maintenance operation. Now it’s vital to document completed tasks and inspections to prevent legal action, as well as support changing requirements for insurance companies. Preventing just one lawsuit more than makes up for the price of CMMS software.


More than one business had its paper records become inaccessible during the pandemic as facilities closed. That’s why MPulse customers turned to their CMMS software to

  • Back up all data to a secure, off-site location
  • Set up secure methods to access data off-site as necessary
  • Maintain a list of equipment and assets
  • Record information about manufacturers, warranties, and insurance policies
  • Keep track of contact information for employees, vendors, emergency response personnel, etc.
  • Support employees on shift during an event

Access to this information is vital when you’re suddenly faced with a pressing need to assess what’s needed to reopen buildings and structures. Additionally, identifying which work orders are related to reopening in your CMMS software will help you quickly create the documentation you need when time is of the essence.

Inventory & Supplies

COVID-19 disrupted supply chains on a huge number of products. Suddenly, everyday cleaning items are difficult to obtain, and shipping is delayed. CMMS software prevents these problems by…

  • Quickly identifying what you need for which piece of equipment, providing critical data when an emergency arises
  • Showing where parts or materials are stored, making it quicker and easier for staff members to find them and preventing duplicate ordering because someone didn’t look in the right place
  • Enabling techs to reserve certain parts, ensuring the parts are available
  • Tracking issue quantities to prevent situations where there’s one part on hand when the job takes two
  • Controlling stock based on need and availability to avoid both under-stocking and over-stocking
  • Tracking slow-moving parts that might be surplus and returned to the vendor
  • Streamlining reordering by determining current inventory levels and automatically generating purchase orders based on need
  • Setting reorder points that calculate your average daily usage rate by the part’s lead time in days
  • Tracking shipments, vendor performance, and warranty information.
  • Automating cyclical inventory counts and monitoring your inventory turn levels
  • Tracking inventory loss or shrinkage.
  • Using barcodes to make it easy to scan parts in or out

Maintenance teams are busier than ever in a COVID-19 world. Contact us to find out how MPulse CMMS software can help you during a pandemic—and every day.