The Future of Maintenance Management, Part 13: Riding the Wave of Change


Throughout this series you’ve learned how the maintenance management world is changing. New technologies, shifting work habits, higher expectations, and stricter regulatory compliance are converging to dramatically change your workplace. It’s your choice whether to ride this wave or get swept away by it. Right now, you have a chance to gain an edge, to get ahead of the wave. You have the information you need to see what’s coming. But the real question is, “What are you gonna to do about it?”

Download our new eBook: The Future of Maintenance Management
Download our new eBook:
The Future of Maintenance Management

Using CMMS software and related technologies you can manage this rising tide of complexity and help your organization gain a competitive advantage, improving efficiencies, extending the life of your assets, and reducing costs. By being proactive, you have the opportunity to become the leader who keeps your organization at the top of its game, even as the world changes around it.

Where should you start? Begin by asking these three questions.

  1. How will the coming changes impact our organization?
    Consider each of the 11 areas we’ve explored. How do they relate to the way your company does business? Are you already engaged in activities that prepare you to meet these changes head on? Or are you behind the curve?
  2. Which changes are likely to have largest impact?
    Try to prioritize trends and drivers that are likely to have the biggest impact on your organization. Are there some that promise to deliver added efficiencies and cost savings? Are there others that pose a threat? Strive to understand which is which.
  3. What resources and plans will I need to successfully navigate these new waters?
    Knowing where the threats and opportunities lie is only half the battle. As you move into new budget years and planning cycles, begin to transition your activities to align with the changes. Prioritize getting the technology, training, and personnel that are going to make you successful in the new environment, and phase out old ways of doing things that will put a drag on your ability to adapt.

Now is the time to think big. Good maintenance managers know that plans are fluid, and they need to adapt to changes in their field. The future of maintenance management is coming, whether you are ready or not. Stay ahead of the game and ride this exciting wave to position yourself and your company for success.

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